“I needed my education to go further in life, and that was the promise I made my mother. When I was blessed with my son, I didn’t have a babysitter. I didn’t have daycare close enough for me to get him there because I wasn’t working.”Nancy faced the reality of many students with children, the lack of options in childcare, which affects both education and financial opportunities. In 2018, Nancy came to Association House High School as a senior and enrolled her children in the Family Literacy Program (FLP), on-site childcare, early childhood education, family literacy activities, and parenting workshops to engage two generations at once.

“My sister ended up coming to Association House. She said, ‘Hey, you should try it’. As soon as I walked in the doors, there were people greeting me with open arms,” Nancy said. “And what helped a lot on that first day was knowing that my kids were just downstairs. It was the teachers’ full support, not just emotionally, but also hands-on teaching. And I think the support from the teachers, counselors, and principal made [graduation] happen, and I’ll forever be grateful.”

While Nancy learned in high school, her children also learned every day by reading books and interaction with volunteers and staff. She praises the impact of smaller classrooms allowing for one-on-one help and her growth as a parent with the assistance of the FLP.

Upon graduating this past January, Nancy enrolled in the Financial Careers Training program at Association House. She has the ambition to attain a livable wage in an effort to take care of her family. On the day she graduated from the program she was offered a customer service representative job with Bank of America on the spot.

“[Financial Careers Training] just taught me everything I needed to know – from confidence to self-motivation. Empathy and sympathy. The difference between PDAs and SAV, savings, checking; the technical knowledge. I would like to go further into the banking industry and see where that can lead me. I know that I can go back to school. And being in the banking industry, I feel as if I would be able to connect to so many resources. I can learn so much, meet many people, and that’s something I’m looking forward to also.”