In June, Kenya graduated from Association House High School with her high school diploma; earning a diploma was no small feat for her. The mother of a young daughter, Kenya had to overcome numerous barriers, to achieve this goal.

The availability of onsite childcare through the Family Literacy Program (FLP) provided Kenya the assurance that her daughter was well-taken care of so that she could focus on her studies. She expressed gratitude for the support she received from FLP teachers and their help ensuring that her daughter, Jamiah, met developmental goals through activities such as counting, reciting the alphabet, and recognizing colors. She said her daughter loved taking part in FLP and learned a lot in addition to literacy and numeracy skills.

Additionally, Kenya felt she became a much better, more patient parent through the skills she learned in the parenting workshops and the one-on-one activities she participated in with her daughter. Kenya said that the care FLP staff expressed in their interactions and the amount of time they spent with her and her daughter meant the world to them.

Kenya has since enrolled at Harold Washington College, one of the City Colleges of Chicago and plans to attend a four-year university upon completion of her associate’s degree. She hopes to one day become a pediatric nurse.