The summer is drawing near a close and Association House is fully into the back-to-school spirit.

Tuesday, September 3, staff and faculty of Association House High School welcomed more than 120 students back to our hallways for the start of another school year.

Teachers such as Marcella Vicens made sure to create a unique experience for the students as they arrived on the first day.

“I focused on the classroom learning environment by decorating the room with objects and quotes from Harry Potter,” Vicens said. “On the first day of school students took a personality quiz that sorted them into the four Hogwarts houses. On Friday students will take pictures with their house banner to add to the decor of the room and show their house pride.”

Back-to-school season kicked off at Association House in late August. On the 24th, we hosted our annual Back 2 School Fair, which brought out more than 250 families for a fun day, centered on providing services to students who were preparing for the school year. Staff and volunteers handed out backpacks, school supplies, and books. Families also had the opportunity to participate in a raffle to win prizes, including bikes, games, and even a boxing lesson.

Thanks to our friends at Chapman & Cutler and Comcast for hosting backpack and supply drives to donate to the children in our community.

Images from the fair can be seen below.

For more information on enrolling at Association House high school, visit here.