Association House High School graduate Sarah Sanchez delivering her valedictorian speech

The 2019 Association House High School graduation celebrated 40 students’ achievement in receiving their high school diploma. Their journey was best described by valedictorian Sarah Sanchez during her speech.

“Every student on this stage has a story similar to mine.  We have all worked hard to overcome our struggles and challenges; and so, I want to share [this moment] with each and every one of you.”

Every time Association House High School returns to Northeastern Illinois University for graduation, the spirit of a community achievement is high. The auditorium is filled with students, both graduating and current, staff, family, friends and more, who share the spirit of success. 

The graduation is more than a celebration, but a tangible testament to the mission of educating and empowering those displaced by the traditional Chicago Public Schools system. 

As the graduation started and this year’s hit music stoked the spirit of the graduates they were able to reflect on their journey through a slideshow, which also shared life inside the walls with loved ones in attendance. 

Our valedictorian, and salutatorian, Yamil Salinas, spoke on behalf of their classmates, sharing personal testimonies, achievements and giving an outlook to their futures and opportunities.

Students were highlighted by Assistant Principal Jessica King during the presentation of awards, detailing their dedication in areas of attendance and more. In addition to our valedictorian and salutatorian, two of the graduates were celebrated with High Honors and an additional six graduated on the Honor Roll.

After Principal David Pieper shook every hand of the graduates that accepted their diplomas, cheers erupted for the children of our Family Literacy Program who received their own diploma to signify the success of their parent’s achievement. 

You can check out more pictures from the 2019 graduation below.

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