Over the past week, we have experienced multiple facility-related challenges. As a result of the record-breaking bitter cold, our building experienced massive flooding. The flood impacted about 25,000 square feet on multiple floors. The damage will require efforts to restore and repair that will take many months.

However, in the face of this loss, we continue to see the positive. Our staff pulled together and worked tirelessly to ensure that we can continue to support participants. High school classrooms and behavioral health staff and programs were relocated quickly. Everyone continues to work as a team for the benefit of our participants.

We are in the initial phases of cleanup and recovery. After removing moisture to ensure a safe environment for staff and participants, we will get bids for restoration of all damaged areas that include, ceilings, walls, floors and everything in between. At this point, we will have a better idea of the financial loss resulting from the flood.

Unrelated to the flood, more challenges came our way this week. On Monday, our recently renovated elevator was shut down due to mechanical issues. An engineer with potential replacement parts will be here next Monday and we hope they can resolve the issue. In the meantime the 1st to 6th floors can only be accessed by stairs, however, we are accommodating participants on the 1st floor as needed.

If this isn’t enough, on Wednesday staff reported a sewer issue at our residential home – Dulcinea – that currently houses nine residents. This is a home for adults needing support with mental health issues. Our staff tried to address the problem but we have had to call in a plumber. The sewer line is cracked and hopefully, the digging will start today, weather permitting. We are preparing to make accommodations for our residents, if necessary.

We truly appreciate the resilience of our staff and participants. We are also grateful for the many who have stepped up asking how they can help. These projects will most certainly be costly, and you can make a difference by making a financial contribution, and encouraging others to do so.

On behalf of our board, staff, participants and the Association House community, my thanks for all of your support.


Harriet Sadauskas

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