In October 2018, we were delighted to share with you the news of new washer and dryer units that will serve students of our high school. The project to create a laundry room to serve students who may not otherwise have those resources was funded by a generous grant from the Chicago Youth Storage Initiative. Sadly, due to the effects of a flood in our building caused by the late January polar vortex, the use of our laundry facility has been halted.

Thirty percent of our high school students report experiencing homelessness or transitional living situations. The washer and dryer unit served as a resource to support and assist students with a secure and private space to wash their clothes.

“Our laundry facility had use each week. Right before the flood, we had two students who regularly used it, but of course, there was a greater need then and likely in the future,” mentor and counseling case manager Jemina Lyle detailed.

The flood initiated on the west wing of the high school, where the laundry room is housed. That area is damaged, along with other materials including computers, projects and more. That side of the high school, along with impacted areas from floors three to one, has been temporarily shut down as the damage has been assessed and recovery efforts have begun.

“For students who are currently in need of a washing facility, we have now begun to look into outside resources that provide the same security and ease that our place did,” Jemina said. “It’s not an easy task considering some of their living situations and what it takes to secure support from outside of our work community.”

While Association House High School is currently in the middle of their second semester, classes and students have been adjusted throughout Association House property, notably utilizing a computer lab on the fifth floor. The recovery efforts and the adjustment of our staff and students demonstrate the business-as-usual shared thought that propels everyone to a common goal.

To learn more about our flood and how you can help visit here.