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Behavioral Health Services

We know that health care doesn't begin and end with a trip to the hospital or a visit to the doctor. That's why Association House provides the community with services for each step along the way, including education, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation programs, in English and Spanish.

Our team is made up of licensed therapists, psychiatrists, certified substance abuse counselors, community support specialists, nurses, and certified community educators. Our services are designed for people facing various challenges at different points in life, whether they are children with emotional or mental health issues, adults with substance abuse and addiction problems, or families in need of community support. Most of our programs are covered by Medicaid and Medicare.

Health and wellness for everyone, ranging from parenting skills training and support, to specialized health screenings, to health and nutrition education in schools and the community.
Mental health and psychiatric services for those in need, which can address unique problems with different solutions, from counseling, to therapeutic case management, to 24-hour supervised residential living, to rehabilitation. We are also one of only six organizations selected by the State of Illinois to provide preventive children’s mental health services and are a certified Mental Health First Aid training provider. We offer Integrated Health Services targeting a variety of physical health and mental health needs.
Substance abuse prevention and treatment, whether that requires community intervention, outpatient treatment, or DUI evaluation, risk education, and counseling.
Specialized care for persons with developmental disabilities, with assistance in many forms, including life skills and developmental training, short-term, at-home respite care for family members, or placement in a Community Integrated Living Arrangement residence.

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For more information about Behavioral Health Services, please call (773) 772-8009.